Nicole Tuskey

Nicole is a veterinary assistant at Chicago Equine Medical Center in Wauconda, IL. While at Chicago Equine, she has assisted with lameness/soundness exams, along with pre-purchase exams. She has also been involved in the daily medication and care of wounds for hospitalized patients. She has developed a particular interest in surgery and radiology.

Nicole has spent many years in the equine field spending much of her time managing the day to day care of horses and barn operations. Nicole helps to ensure all of the horses of Tuskey Dressage receive the best possible care. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with people who are new to horses or considering buying a horse so that they are properly prepared for the responsibility of horse ownership. She also enjoys teaching riders how to have a secure balanced position on the horse and how to effectively communicate with their equine partners. Nicole has a special gift for explaining the bio-mechanics involved in riding a horse.

In her free time she enjoys riding her Andalusian mare, Anna.