“I can’t say enough positive things about Bethany and her training methods! Bethany began working with my 16 year old Morgan gelding after he had been out of work for a year a few months ago. The changes I saw in Rain in the first month alone were monumental.

Bethany’s approach to restarting him was well thought out, and well executed across the 3.5 months she worked with my horse. She provided weekly updates, made recommendations on things I could do long term with my horse, and was more than happy to set up a weekly time for me to observe her training sessions with my horse.

In his first session, Rain was very nervous, tense, and unsure of being back in work. When lunging he pulled on the line and would frantically run in circles. After one month of exclusively doing ground work, focusing on lunging and lateral work, Rain was light on the line and responsive to changes in gait.

Under saddle, Bethany was able to help my horse learn how to relax and stay focused. I felt comfortable and confident when I mounted my horse for the first time after he started his training with Bethany.” – Cady Pugh


“I cannot stop singing the praises of Bethany Tuskey! She has done absolute wonders with my grand daughter’s Arabian. Jazzy was a typical Arabian, constantly tossing her head, prancing around, impossible to handle. We had her with another trainer whose philosophy was to run her until she was too tired to fight back but each time it was another fight to the death. In three short lessons Bethany delivered a calm, responsive horse that is a pleasure to work. She continues to work with Jasmine to bring out her best assets without dampening her vibrant personality. Bethany has an ability to communicate with the horse that transcends the norm. She specializes in dressage but I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to build a long term relationship with their horse no matter what the riding style.” -Sharon Smolensky, owner of Dover Stables

“Finding Bethany was the best thing that could have happened for me and my new horse, Tango.
Every lesson reminds me of what a perfect trainer she is for my smart boy! Not everyone would understand a Lusitano’s mind. The wrong trainer would ruin him. As for training me? I feel so lucky to have found her. Not many trainers would have the patience she has for an adult beginner. A beginner horse and rider! What a tall order for any trainer!
I look forward to the journey Tango and I will travel under Bethany’s careful guidance!” -J
asmine Metz

“I have been a horse lover and rider for a large part of my life, but it wasn’t until I took lessons from Tuskey Dressage that I experienced the joy of a true connection with a horse. Three years ago, I began taking lunge lessons with Bethany to merely improve my balance and seat. Since then I have been taken on a wonderful journey with each lesson helping me grow and expand my skills. Her techniques have improved every aspect of my riding. Bethany is a patient and knowledgable instructor — anyone or any horse, no matter the riding style, can benefit from lessons from Tuskey Dressage.” –Beth Mix

“It took just one session for Bethany to get my gelding on the bit and moving nicely. He’s now in partial training with Bethany and showing a natural willingness to work and carrying himself better than ever.” -Stephanie McCready

“When I first got my little Arabian, Jasmine, she was the definition of the word “teenager.” With all her loving and sweeetness, she was feisty and very intimidating for a beginner like me. With other trainers, we were constantly hitting a brick wall. Then we met Bethany, who took apart that wall brick by brick and created something beautiful out of Jazzy that I am proud to own and call a friend. Not only did she train Jasmine, but me as well. In the beginning, I was scared and overwhelmed by the prospect of riding, but Bethany’s gentle encouragement and patience brought me to places I never thought I’d be with my horse. Bethany is a miracle worker, and I wouldn’t trade the past few weeks I spent with her and Jasmine for anything else.” –Hannah Hinners, age 13

“Thanks to Bethany Tuskey with Tuskey Dressage I have the mare I “Hoped” for. Well named Hope was unwilling to form a relationship with people due to fear and being rushed under saddle. Bethany taught her to trust people and restart under saddle with a relaxing calm outlook. Where my girl used to run away from every movement or sound she now stops and trusts people to keep her safe.” –Kate Witas