Fall Events at Hidden Trails!

We have several clinics coming up in the next few weeks, and more are being added, so be sure to check the website for updates. If you are interested in more information or would like to sign up for a clinic, please contact Bethany at 630-935-4738 or tuskeydressage@yahoo.com

Liberty Training Clinic

Saturday, October 19th at 11 am

Come learn the art of liberty training! Liberty work helps reinforce good ground manners and creates a better relationship between you and your horse. Plus it’s just fun!

$50 for a group liberty lesson

$20 to audit

Private lessons available upon request.



First Aid Clinic

We will be holding another first aid clinic. The first one gave us lots of ideas and expanded quite a bit the Equine first aid field that we would like to talk about. This clinic will discuss a wide variety of emergency situations. We will also talk about first aid kits and the importance of clear communication between you, your veterinarian and your barn management.

In addition there will be a chance to get hands on practice doing things such as taking vital signs, wrapping legs, and giving oral medications.

$30 for the day, includes lunch

October 26th at 9:30am


Dressage Camp

November 2nd & 3rd

Join us for a fun filled weekend and learn what dressage is all about. Many people here the word dressage and think that you have to have a lot of money and a fancy horse, but this is simply not true! Dressage is a French word that means “training”. It is all about building a strong foundation for both you and your horse so you can work together as partners. Dressage is beneficial for any horse and rider, no matter the discipline or skill level.

~ learn proper lunging techniques to strengthen and supple your horse.

~ learn work in hand techniques to improve communication between you and your horse.

~ multiple lessons in the saddle, including a lunge lesson to improve your seat and balance in the saddle

~ learn how to perform simple dressage movements

~ develop a better partnership with your horse!

$200 for the weekend includes multiple lessons both on the ground and in the saddle. Bring your horse or use one of our school horses. Lunch is provided each day. Space is limited!

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